Workshop: Hey, you!

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On Monday we learned how to use the second person pronoun ‘you’ to your advantage. Today we’re going to try it out on this piece of writing:

Hey you 1

The name ‘Speedy Clean’ sounds fun and friendly, but here the writer has chosen a rather formal and old-fashioned tone. They are not addressing the reader directly, referring to them instead as ‘residents’ or ‘interested customers’:

Hey you 2

These are all areas where we can inject a bit more life by addressing the reader in the second person (‘you’).

Let’s see how that changes things:

Hey you 3

By addressing ‘you’ we’ve made this advert friendlier and more engaging. Whether you want to give important information or just to sell something, like in this advert, the second person pronoun is a great way to get the reader’s attention.

So, what do you think? Let us know how you use the second person pronoun in the comments below…

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