Workshop: How to use bullet points

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On Monday we looked at some common mistakes with bullet points and how to fix them. Let’s see if we can use those tips to tidy up this piece of writing:

How to use bullet points 1

Bullet points can make a piece of writing easier to read. However, in this case, the writer has used them as a catch-all for various different points, rather than for one specific list. Every sentence is a bullet point, so the bullet points have much less impact.

To make the most of bullet points, the writer needs to identify a specific list within the text. Let’s pick out the points in the category ‘advice for customers’?

How to use bullet points 2

By using the bullet points for one specific section, we’ve given this piece of writing a better structure. The four bullet points are now much quicker to read. They also break  the rest of the text up into clearer parts. We haven’t lost any of the meaning or demoted any of the information. We’ve just made each sentence more effective. It’s a win-win!


Have these tips about bullet points helped you give structure to your writing? Let us know in the comments below…

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