Workshop: Why you should be using bullet points

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Bullet points can make life easier for both you and your reader. Let’s see how they can transform this job advert:

Why use bullet points 1

This is a classic example of someone who doesn’t realise they are writing a list.

The writer has buried the list of qualities needed for the role in a lot of unnecessary waffle. This makes it harder for the reader to work out what the company is looking for.

Let’s pick out the list of key skills that the candidate needs to have:

Why use bullet points 2

The writer has made their own life difficult by finding five different ways to say ‘The candidate should have this skill’. They’ve also put the instructions about how to apply in the middle.

Bullet points can help to bring structure to this kind of writing and make it much clearer to read. Let’s see what difference they make:

Why use bullet points 3

The result is a job advert that is much quicker and easier to read. At a glance, the reader can scan the list, understand what the company is looking for and decide whether they want to apply.

Now that we’ve discussed why to use bullet points, we’re ready to think about how to use them. Come back next week for some practical tips on how to make bullet points work for you.


Have bullet points made a difference to your writing? Tell us why in the comments below.

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